AusPollen aims to provide and evaluate the impact of providing local grass pollen alerts to patients and doctors in major Australian cities.

The project aims to implement the following.

1. Inform patients in the community with hay fever and asthma of their local grass pollen levels using a standardized pollen count network and smart phone app.  

2. Evaluate the components needed to build an innovative validated grass pollen forecast system 

3. Provide public stakeholders with education tools for managing respiratory health in people with pollen allergies and data for future health service planning and policy development.

4. Evaluate the short-term impact of the local pollen alerts on quality of life and how this empowers patients to better manage their own pollen allergy symptoms.


Value and Significance

Despite the high incidence of allergic rhinitis and asthma, Australia is one of the few developed countries without a national pollen count program. The Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership will establish the inaugural national pollen monitoring program. 

This study will evaluate for the first time whether providing pollen alert information enables people to better self-manage pollen allergies to improve quality of life and lower the medical and socio-economic burden of the prevalent chronic inflammatory diseases of hay fever and allergic asthma.

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