The Australian Pollen Allergen Partnership is being established to monitor levels of airborne grass pollen.  The pollen count stations are located on the roof of suitable buildings at University sites.  Pollen is stained with a fuscin dye and counted under light microscopy. 

The AusPollen project will provide allergy and asthma patients with accurate, relevant, localised information on pollen counts.  AusPollen will lead to reduced symptoms, improved quality of life, and will empower patients to self-manage their condition.

AusPollen aims to provide and evaluate the impact of providing local grass pollen alerts to patients and doctors in major Australian cities.

The AusPollen Partnership is a multi-centre cross-disciplinary team of investigators including eminent allergy physicians and scientists. Our AusPollen team has extensive expertise in allergic respiratory disease, plant biotechnology, molecular immunology, pollen aerobiology, climatology, and biostatistics.

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